• Starting your blog on GitHub Pages

    If you’re a developer and you think about starting a blog, think no more. DO IT! I recommend you to go the same way I did and friends of mine did too. Start with github pages. In this article I’ll show you how did I start and how does this relate to my previous entry on running a Jekyll with Docker.

    This entry is focused on the way I have set it up so it’s easy for you to follow. On any level there are tons of options how you can change or customize your workflow, but I reference only few of them. That’s because I want to get you started quickly. In case you have any problems, leave a comment below. I’ll help you and our conversation may help others too.

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  • Setting up Jekyll in Docker on Windows

    As you may have noticed, I have started a blog (again). This time I decided to go with Jekyll. In this article I’m explaining how to run Jekyll on Windows using Docker and why you might want to do it this way.

    If you’re running different platform, you will find it useful too.

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